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Differential Repair San Antonio TX

Differential problems affect your ability to steer properly, so do not wait, and come into Better Transmission in San Antonio TX, for differential repair. We have all the right tools to perform front and rear differential repair work. If your differential is seriously damaged, you should not drive your vehicle at all, and instead have it towed to a qualified auto shop. We offer free towing on all major transmission repair work for customers in San Antonio, Helotes, Leon Valley, and Balcones Heights, Texas.

Mechanic Leaning Over Engine in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio TX: How Differentials Work

Your car or truck tires sometimes spin at different speeds while you drive. A differential is the device that allows each wheel to rotate at a different speed. It is part of your transmission system and it divides the engine torque between the different wheels. Your vehicle can have a rear-wheel-drive differential, front-wheel-drive differential, or all-wheel-drive differential. At Better Transmission in San Antonio, Texas, we specialize in all manner of differential repair.

Rear and Front Differential Repair San Antonio TX

To repair a differential the right way, you need to have special equipment and professional training. At Better Transmission, we have both, which is one of the reasons we are the best place to come to for front and rear differential repair in San Antonio TX. Our mechanics carefully go through all the necessary steps to fix your differential as well as any other issues with your transmission

The first part of the differential repair process involves draining all the oil from the differential. We then disconnect the drive shaft completely. Next, we remove the axles, differential cover, and carrier caps. Once this is completed, we perform a detailed inspection of the bearings, seals, and gears. If we notice any chipped or worn parts, we immediately replace then.

Finally, we put everything back together and send you on your way. Let us know if you believe you qualify for our 5% discount on differential repair services for senior citizens, military and government personnel, USAA® members, city employees, and students.

Contact us today to schedule a time for differential repair and ask us about potential signs you have a differential problem. We proudly serve San Antonio, Helotes, Leon Valley, and Balcones Heights, Texas.