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Transfer Case Repairs San Antonio TX

After one trip to Better Transmission in San Antonio TX for transfer case repairs and your vehicle's four-wheel drive system will run like brand new. Our auto shop has the most competitive rates on qualified transfer case service and transmission repair anywhere in San Antonio, Helotes, Leon Valley, and Balcones Heights, Texas.

San Antonio TX: What is a Transfer Case?

A transmission case is a special gearbox located behind the transmission that helps apply the correct amount of torque. Your vehicle's transfer case receives power from the transmission, which it uses to provide torque for the front and rear drive shafts. This allows all four wheels to spin at the same speed simultaneously.

To keep your transmission system running properly, have your vehicle inspected by trained professionals on a regular basis. Better Transmission offers free inspections at our auto shop in San Antonio, Texas, and we always provide quality transfer case service with fast turnaround.

Mechanic Under Car in San Antonio, TX

Your Dependable Transfer Case Service San Antonio

Transfers cases differ depending on the make and model of the vehicle. At Better Transmission in San Antonio, Texas, we are experts with all manner of transfer case repairs for both part-time and full-time four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicles.
The first thing we do is check the transfer case fluid to see if it is dirty or low. Then, we inspect the gears and replace any old or worn parts. Our transfer case service has shown to extend the life of a vehicle's entire transmission system.

San Antonio TX: When Do You Need Transfer Case Repairs?

Do you have a 4WD vehicle with a malfunctioning transfer case? If you do not know the answer, you should be mindful of certain signs that indicate a need for transfer case repairs.
Listen for strange noises when you are shifting gears or driving at a specific speed. You should also keep an ear out for unusual noises when driving in cold weather, as it could mean your low on transfer case fluid. If you ever have trouble shifting into 4WD, you need to bring your vehicle in for a full transmission checkup and computerized diagnostics.

Contact us today and schedule a free inspection to see if your car requires transfer case repairs. We proudly serve San Antonio, Helotes, Leon Valley, and Balcones Heights, Texas.